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So many aspects of people's modern home and working lives are dependent on a fast and reliable internet connection.

From home working to internet banking, watching TV online to social media usage, keeping in touch with friends and relatives, home shopping and gaming, having a good connection is vital.

We're working to ensure that every member of Barry Electric Cooperative has access to the opportunities the internet brings.

Quite simply, traditional broadband connections often struggle to cope with all these simultaneous demands. With the goBEC fiber network, the shackles are removed – leaving everyone within a home or small business able to do what they want online – all at the same time – without any annoying delays.

Fast and reliable broadband has never been more important for business.

Whether you're a retail company selling direct to the public or a design firm needing to download and upload files, a speedy connection is key to trading.

goBEC fiber network will deliver connections which allow firms to flourish.

You can check out updates the blog on goBEC's facebook page.

You may also reach out to our IT manager,
JR Smith (417)847-2131 or jrsmith@barryelectric.com

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