What Is Fiber

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Fiber Optics is the answer to high-speed internet in rural America and the world! No longer must people settle for less or accept an internet connection that does not meet the needs of their business or recreational use. With Fiber Optics, rural residents have options, and for the first time in internet history, hope.

Fiber Optic internet replaces traditional wires with a fiber optic cable that emits billions of bits of data per second through glass using the pulse of a laser. The pulses of light have the ability to transport up to 900 megabits of electronic data per second. That's more than 100 times faster than your current internet!

Because of its high speed, fiber optics is the best option for digital TV and phone services, in addition to internet.

Advantages of Fiber Optics

goBEC Fiber Network | Fiber optics | Barry Electric Cooperative
In addition to being the fastest internet available, there are many other advantages to switching to fiber within your home or business including but not limited to the following:

More Bandwidth

Fiber optics possess more bandwidth than regular copper wires. This means fiber is able to carry more information at greater speeds than your average internet provider.

More Secure

Fiber cables are difficult to tap because they do not radiate signals. In fact, if an attempt to tap a fiber-optic cable is made, the intrusion becomes very easy to monitor. On the occasion of a security breach, a fiber optic cable will leak light which will then cause the whole system to fail making it nearly impossible to go unnoticed.

Less Cost, Less Maintenance

Because there is little equipment needed to provide fiber optic internet to your business or home, little maintenance is required, which in turn, lowers cost.

goBEC Fiber Network | Fiber optics | Barry Electric CooperativeGo the Distance

Fiber optic connections have the ability to travel greater distances without breaking--making fiber optics ideal for rural areas.

Increasing Value

With fast internet comes an increase in home and neighborhood value.

Weather Proof

Fiber optic cables are also more weather proof than traditional wires and are resistant to lightning, which means little to no down time for your fiber optic internet connection.


As technology continues to progress, fiber optic cables stay the same, making them future proof. These cables are also durable and do not corrode like copper ones.

Why goBEC?

goBEC Fiber Network | Fiber optics | Barry Electric CooperativegoBEC fiber network, a subsidiary of Barry Electric Cooperative, is answering the call to bring solutions at the speed of light: Fiber to the Home. We're working to ensure that every member of Barry Electric Cooperative has access to the many opportunities having internet brings. goBEC fiber network is dedicated to delivering connections that allow residents in and around Cassville, Missouri to flourish and thrive whether they own a business or use internet recreationally.

If you have questions about how goBEC can improve the quality and speed of your home or business' internet, contact us today! One of our friendly representatives would love to answer your questions and get to know your individual needs as an internet user. Ready to make the change to fiber optics? Check out the plans and packages we created with you in mind.