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Barry Electric Cooperative | Customer Support | goBEC Fiber Network4015 Main Street, P.O. Box 307,
Cassville, MO 65625-0307

Telephone: 1-866-847-2333, 417-847-2131,
Fax: 417-847-5524

Emergency Phone Numbers

The offices of goBEC Fiber Network are closed on Holidays.

As always we will have crews on standby if an emergency should arise. If your service does go off, first check all your breakers. Then contact your neighbors to determine if they also are out of service. If you know of any reason for the outage, please report the location of the problem. 

Many outages can be quickly repaired, but can sometimes take hours to find. Reporting these problems will save our crews valuable time. Also it is important to call in if you do have an outage. This will let us know the extent of the problem so crews can be dispatched more efficiently.

To report an outage call:

(417) 847-2131

Barry Technology Services:

If you are interested in this service or just have questions contact Barry Electric Cooperative at (417) 847-2131.


What are fiber optics?

Fiber Optics are long, thin strands of glass that are used to transmit light signals over long distances. Learn more about fiber optics as they relate to high speed internet!

What is the difference between fiber optic cables and copper wires?

Copper wires have the ability to carry high bandwidths but only for a few hundred yards without narrowing bandwidth and degradation. Fiber optic cables use light to carry high bandwidth signals over long distances and are more weather proof and reliable than copper that has a tendency to break down after a period of time.

Why should I consider fiber optics for my business?

Fiber optic internet is faster, more reliable, more secure and possesses high bandwidth. Check out a few more of the many advantages of switching to fiber.

Does having fiber optic internet really add value to my home?

Yes! In fact, a recent study by RVA & Associates, a consulting firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma, surveyed home buyers and developers. They discovered that fiber-to-the-home adds about $5,000 to the purchase price of a home.

How can I find out if my home or business qualifies for Fiber Optics?

Discovering if you are in our service area is easy! Fill out this form or contact us today.

How to Get Started

Are you ready to make the switch to fiber optics? Getting started is easy!
Just choose your plans, fill out the Get Started form, and you’ll be on your way to receiving faster, more reliable internet.

Have questions? Contact us today!